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Ozone Filter

A simple energy saving solution …

  • allows heated exhaust air to return to the room
  • to help heat the room in the winter months
  • measured by a certified institute

Filtration unit for the safe and highly efficient ozone elimination. The device enables the subsequent use of warm air extracted from UV lamps, e.g. for winter heating of work areas. The heating output during operation corresponds to approx. 15 kW. The device is designed and manufactured to comply with the regulations and standards of the EU countries and is equipped with the CE declaration, its correct function verified by measurements of a certified institute.

Air-conditioning switch summer/winter – element designed for integration into the air-conditioning tract – most often behind the ozone filter of the exhaust air from UV curing devices. This element comprises one air inlet which directs to one of its two air outlets by means of a switch lever. A typical use is to switch between summer and winter operation of the ozone filter, in which warm exhaust air is led out of the working environment in summer, while in winter this warm exhaust air is released into the room to help heating.

Device-specific. Please contact us about the possibility of installing this system on your existing or requested UV equipment.

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