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UV Integrator Type 04

Economical version of UV integrator for UV energy measurement …

  • economical version
  • measurement of uv energy in mJ/cm2
  • the result shown on the display
  • easy to use
  • different versions according to measured UV range
  • suitable for periodic inspection of UV equipment
  • suitable for determining lamp replacement time

The UV integrator measures the dose of UV light during the exposure (measuring cycle) expressed in mJ/ cm2.
The device is intended for the inspection of UV curing equipment (UV dryers). A series of regular measurements will give the user information about actual lamp parameters. This can lead to adjust conveyor speed or to replace UV lamp.

UV Integrator
spectral range:by type (see below)
max. input power [mW/cm2]:0-5,000
display:6 characters, LCD
display range [mJ/cm2]:0-999.999
battery:long life 3.6V lithium
consumption [μA]:100
battery life [hr]:about 10,000
instrument dimensions [mm]: diameter 120, height 13
instrument weight [g]:260
temperature range [°C]:0-45
temperature protection:temperature shield on the back of the device
measurement accuracy [%]:+- 5

The UV integrator sensor is located on the back of the instrument in the measuring window and is equipped with a heat filter that allows the measuring device to be exposed to a temperature of up to 110 ° C for 10 seconds for a short time.

UV integrator 04 / x
Type 04/1 UVDiazo measuring range: 350-460 nm
Type 04/2 UV -A Measuring range: 315-400 nm
Type 04/3 UV Measuring range: 250-410
Type 04/4 UV-B Measuring range: 280-315 nm
Type 04/5 UV-C Measuring range: 230-280 nm
Type 04/6 UV-V Measured range: 395-445 nm

(Housing diameters 140 mm or 120×65 mm can be supplied)

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