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Aeroterm,a.s. Company Profile


Aeroterm, a.s. was established in 1991 by separation from the Research Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. Originally the company was engaged in research and development in the field of aerodynamics and heat and mass transfer. Later, however, it focused on promoting modern trends and technologies in the field of drying and curing of inks and varnishes. Here it uses not only deep theoretical knowledge of its staff, but also rich experimental and practical experience.

Company Focus

In 1994, Aeroterm, a.s. developed their own UV curing equipment. This technology is characterized by very high surface quality, high mechanical and chemical resistance of paints and varnishes, higher work productivity, less space and energy demands. There is also no evaporation of solvents, thus minimizing the environmental impact.

Subsequently, the company expanded into the furniture industry where it applied its knowledge of drying paints and varnishes and began designing its own technological equipment for wood finishing. This resulted in paint spraying machines and the new Aeroterm ATW dryer series. In cooperation with the world’s leading suppliers, it is possible to design, realize and install entire technological surface treatment lines.

The development of modern technology has resulted in a new industrial revolution called Industry 4.0. Part of this revolution is considerable automation of production and better communication between the operator and the machine and between machines. Aeroterm, a.s. is capable of delivering devices meeting different communication standards and has begun integrating industrial robots into appropriate technology applications, further expanding its portfolio.

In addition to the mentioned industries and technologies, the company also addresses the individual needs of customers from general industry. These include, in particular, tempering ovens, industrial heating, cooling or surface treatment of musical instruments.

As a manufacturer, the company can customize its products and individual technological parameters to the needs of specific customers. This brings an indisputable advantage and further extends the possibilities of its devices. Our own test room is designated for operational and pilot tests. Here the whole technological process is tested and the individual technological parameters are verified.


In many industrial fields, the company’s own know-how is highly valued by its customers and co-suppliers, resulting in the successful sale of developed products and equipment, which ranks among the top in their field. Numerous references and installation of technological lines into renowned foreign companies are another sign of the company’s reputation. So far, the company has produced over 2,100 paint and varnish, UV cure and hot air and infrared drying equipment and lines that work reliably in 32 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.