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Pre-Press Equipment


The basis of any printing work is the production of quality screen printing stencils. With our products, you will always be sure that pre-press preparation will be trouble-free and fast. We offer screen drying cabinets, vacuum copying tables, exposure units with quick start and remote control and washout booths. All with optional accessories.


quick start exposure unit

  • also suitable for cromalin and daylight films
  • no need of long lamp preheating
  • without mechanical shutter
  • ozone-free UV lamp
  • adjustable start delay

Gamma, Delta

vacuum frames

  • excellent contact of the film master with the coated screen printing form
  • glass plate fixable in horizontal and vertical position
  • antistatic silicone rubber membrane
  • fixed by gas springs in open position
  • special yellow lamp at the bottom


screen drying cabinet for drying and storage of coated screens

  • 3 standard sizes or custom cabinets
  • roller bearing sockets
  • minimal intrusion of light
  • inner air temperature 40 ± 3°C
  • inlet air filter, outlet air control


washout booths for manual developing, washing and emulsion removing of screenprinting stencils

  • minimization of water mist dispersion
  • made of antistatic chemically resistant material
  • water connection fittings
  • ACM – diffuse backlight
  • ACT – closed circuit, air extraction option