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Conveyor Dryers for Wood Finishing


Aeroterm conveyor dryers have a tradition of more than 20 years and follow the tradition of the company in the field of heat and mass transfer. Our machines use infrared (IR), hot air (HA) or combined drying technology.

Drying of Water-Based and Solvent-Based Paints

Ultraterm ATW IRHA

universal dryer for water-based and solvent-based paints

  • designed for versatile use
  • continuous speed control
  • precisely adjustable heater temperature
  • hot air flow control
  • possibility to integrate UV dryer

Ultraterm HA(IRHA) ATW

modular hot air dryer for solvent-based paints

  • hot air and cooling sections
  • highly turbulent flow
  • precise PID temperature control
  • custom made

Drying of UV Water-Based Paints

Solution for Drying UV Water-Based Paints

offered solutions for drying UV Water-Based paints

  • natural drying of the water base + UV dryer
  • drying of the water base in a drying chamber + UV dryer
  • complex drying and UV curing in a combined dryer Ultraterm IRHAUV

Curing of UV Paints

UV Dryers for Curing Flat Surfaces

fast flat surfaces curing

  • curing of the top side or top side + edges
  • standardised and custom made solutions
  • optional accessories available

UV Dryer for Curing of 3D Pieces

reliable curing of 3D objects

  • UV chambers or mobile UV units
  • standardised and custom made solutions
  • optional accessories available