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UV Accessories

High quality UV lamps for machines of all brands. UV integrators for measuring UV power and intensity. Protective equipment for protection against UV radiation. UV stop system, ozone filters and other systems for maximum energy savings.


UV Lamps

High quality European UV lamps for Aeroterm and other manufacturers UV machines. Common types in stock.

UV Integrators

UV integrators for measuring UV power and energy in different UV radiation areas. Suitable for ensuring constant curing quality and timely replacement of UV lamps.

Energy Saving Systems

Save energy and finance by adding an energy saving system. UV stop system, ozone filtration and other elements for maximum efficiency.

Smooth Regulation of UV Lamps

To smoothly regulate the power of UV lamps, we install high-quality electronic ballasts with UV lamp control and internal diagnostics.

Protective Equipment

Protect your health and the health of your employees with high-quality UV protection. Protective goggles, shields, suits, gloves and more.

IR Accessories

IR lamps and radiators for various devices. Energy saving systems for Aeroterm IR devices. IR stop system for automatic shutdown of halogen IR tubes in case of delays or narrow parts.


IR Lamps and Heaters

IR lamps and heaters for every application. Spare lamps for Aeroterm devices.

Energy Saving Systems

Increased energy and financial efficiency with Aeroterm energy saving systems. IR stop system for automatic switching off halogen IR lamps.

Measuring Instruments

Measurement of technological parameters of drying and UV curing. Contactless temperature measurement with a compact pyrometer. Measurement of UV power and UV energy by different types of UV integrators.


Optical Pyrometer

Contactless thermometer with laser aiming.

UV Integrators

UV integrators for measuring UV power and energy in different UV spectra. Suitable for ensuring constant curing quality and timely replacement of UV lamps.

Accessories – Printing

Spare pallets, custom-made pallets (e.g. for printing sleeves). Extraction of stinky air from Flash Cure units to improve working comfort of employees.


Pallet Holder

Pallet holder for attaching the pallet to the carousel. Supplied powder-coated in dark blue.

Special Pallets

Tailor-made pallets according to your requirements and dimensions. Suitable for printing sleeves and other items.

Flash Cure Air Extraction Unit

Extraction of stinky air during Flash Cure drying. Noticeably reduces odor in the workplace and improves working comfort.


QuickStar exposure unit stand.

Conveyor Belts and Fabrics

We sale conveyor belts and fabrics. The belts can be used as a replacement for Aeroterm machines or tailored to your specific equipment. We also offer custom conveyor production.


Filter inserts and fabrics for Aeroterm machines and general use. Filters for extraction walls, curtain coaters, spraying machines and associated air conditioning.

Spare Parts

Spare parts for Aeroterm devices and general use. Spare UV or IR lamps and their equivalents, components of UV and IR systems, protective clothing and aids, measuring instruments, filter cartridges and filter cloths and many others.