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Product Portfolio – Industry


Belt, roller, link, chain, suspended, fixed or mobile conveyors. These types we produce to our lines or to order. Continuous or cycle operation.


Cooling products after drying or other technologies. Cooling with flowing air at room temperature, resp. compressor cooling with heat exchanger.


Drying of water or other media after technological rinse or other process. Drying with hot air flow (HA) or infrared (IR) radiation. Dryers or drying chambers.

UV Handheld Modules

Mobile handheld UV modules for the operational curing of UV paints, varnishes and adhesives on various components of various sizes. Docking station for safe UV lamp storage included.

UV Curing of Floor Coatings

UV equipment for curing UV floor coatings. Modern way of floor marking and floor coating. Can be used on concrete floors and parquet.

UV LED Systems

UV LED technology is a modern and energy-efficient way of UV curing. The indisputable advantage is primarily the low thermal load of the cured objects and is therefore particularly suitable for the curing of thermally sensitive materials.

Industrial Heating

Heating of industrial products where technology requires it. For example shape or chemical stabilization of products. Heating by hot air flow (HA), infrared (IR) or a combination.

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion protection of steel products with UV varnish. High degree of mechanical and chemical resistance. Immediate cure of paint. Low disposition requirements of the line.