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Industrial Drying – Tempering Ovens

Industrial heating and tempering solutions…

  • uniform heating of parts
  • exact temperature
  • precise PID power control
  • quality thermal insulation
  • energy saving systems
  • tunnels or chambers
  • customized solutions

A significant part of our production is machines for tempering and industrial heating of components. These are mainly plastic parts of units in the automotive and flooring industry. The parts are heated evenly by the flow of hot air. The temperature in each section is controlled by precise PID controllers. The parts are kept at the temperature for the time specified in the technological regulation. This is followed by a cooling section where the parts are blown by high pressure turbulent air flow.

Tempering ovens may be continuous or cabin type. In the case of continuous design, the solution is a tunnel furnace with a suitable conveyor. Possibility of continuous or step operation. Monitoring and counting of parts in tunnel. In the case of cabin furnaces, there is the possibility of one-door or two-door (continuous) design.

Filtration of the intake air with the specified degree of filtration. High-quality thermal and noise insulation. Top features, simple operation. The devices are designed and manufactured to comply with EU regulations and standards and are CE-certified.

According to specific customer requirements.

Optical Pyrometer

Contactless thermometer with laser aiming.

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