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Wood Finishing Lines


Aeroterm, a.s. is a technological manufacturing company that has been engaged in industrial drying since 1991. Over the course of this time, the company has produced over 1,500 drying machines, utilizing the knowledge of many conceivable drying methods and technologies. Another area for growth of the company was the surface treatment in the woodworking and furniture industry. A new dryer product family Aeroterm ATW has been created for this area. In order to meet our customers’ wishes and the company’s strategy of delivering comprehensive solutions, we have started to work with many paint and varnish manufacturers. We have also developed various machines for paint application. Currently we cover a large part of the coating technologies. This enables us, together with our range of tunnels, conveyors and other components, to assemble equipment into technological lines.

We are also able to implement existing or third-party equipment into our lines. For this purpose, we cooperate with leading European manufacturers of furniture surface treatment machines. Thus we are able to supply our customers not only with machines, but also with the whole technology, including suitable paints and varnishes according to needs and requirements. We also design robotic cells or automate the lines.


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