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Product Portfolio – Wood Finishing

Wood Finishing Lines

Complex design, production and realization of technological lines for surface finishing of wood. We integrate both our own equipment, third-party equipment, or existing customer equipment. We are able to ensure selection of suitable paint or varnish including testing and everything else for trouble-free production start-up.

Application of Paints and Varnishes

Spraying machines equipped with fixed or moving pistols, curtain coaters and extraction walls for manual or robotic painting.  Can be equipped with spraying equipment and other accessories. All from one supplier./p>


Extraction Walls

A wall for overspray extraction for manual or robotic spray paint application. Modular construction allows to Modular design allows to realize standardized and atypical solutions according to your technology.

Spraying Machines

Automatic spraying equipment designed for spraying profiles, parts, etc. Possibility of installing a different number of guns.

Curtain Coaters

Effective technology for flat surface coating. Paint circulation. Minimal loss of paint and high quality surface.

UV curing

UV curing equipment and dryers for instant curing of UV paints and varnishes. With step or linear power control. UV stop system and ozone filter to save energy. Mobile UV units for curing 3D parts, laboratory UV dryers or standardised and modular UV dryers for all applications.


Flat Surface Top Side

UV dryers for curing the top side of flat material. Suitable for roller or curtain coating.

Flat Surface Top Side + Edges

The internal arrangement of these UV dryers allows to cure not only the top surface but also the edges of the products. Suitable for example for lines with spraying machines.


UV tunnels with adjustable UV modules. Can exposure up to 4 surfaces from 3 sides. Suitable for example with fixed gun spraying machines.

3D Parts

Modular UV units for curing 3D parts. Suitable for complex parts, robotic applications, repairs or curing of floor coatings.

Drying of Solvent and Water-Based Paints

Dryers and drying chambers for drying solvent-based or water-based paint and varnishes. They work with hot air (HA), infrared radiation (IR) or a combination of these.


Paint Drying Trolleys

Paint drying trolleys for drying parts in drying rooms or drying chambers.

Drying Chambers

Stationary hot air chamber for drying water-based or solvent-based systems.


Dryers for wood finishing. Can be used with water-based or solvent-based paints. Modular design.

Drying of UV Water-Based Paints and Varnishes

For the drying of UV water-based paints and varnishes, it is possible to use special combined tunnels for drying water-based paints with UV section or to combine water-drying equipment with a separate UV tunnel or UV module.