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Corrosion Protection

Protection of metallurgical products with UV varnish…

  • quality and durability improvement
  • immediately dry and mechanically and chemically resistant
  • high process speed
  • quick setup
  • compact line dimensions
  • environmentally friendly

Corrosion protection of metallurgical products with UV varnish for safe transport to the end customer. Effective coating process with special UV varnish, which is cured immediately after spraying with UV radiation. The lacquer is free of any solvents and additives. This ensures easy handling, a short production cycle and high mechanical and chemical resistance.

The process line consists of an automatic spraying machine with adjustable spray guns and a filter unit and a UV curing section with adjustable UV modules. In a short time, the line can be adjusted to another type of production. The advantage of the technology is also the relatively high process speed and compact dimensions of the whole line.

According to specific customer requirements.

UV Lamps

Spare UV lamps for Aeroterm and third party machines. High quality, long lifetime.

UV Integrator

Measurement of UV lamp parameters for wear detection and timely replacement.

UV Lamp Control

Smooth control of UV lamp power in the range of about 30-100% by an electronic source.

Energy Saving Systems

Save energy and finance by adding an energy saving system. UV stop system, ozone filtration and other elements for maximum efficiency.

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