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UV Integrators


UV integrators are used to measure the UV parameters of the curing equipment. Therefore it can periodically measure lamp wear. They greatly help to maintain the production quality. Also it can save costs, because the lamp replacement interval can be extended.

Notes on UV Parameters Measurement

Basic UV radiation characteristics: wavelength, intensity, energy
Electromagnetic spectrum is the sum of different ranges of electromagnetic radiation. Each range is characterised by its wavelength.
Basic sorting :
infrared radiation
visible light (wavelength 400 -800 nm)
ultraviolet radiation
X-ray radiation
gamma radiation
UV radiation(230-400nm) UV radiation can be sorted into these basic ranges:
UV-A (range 315-400 nm)
UV-B (range 280-315 nm)
UV-C (range 230-280 nm)

Other spectral ranges can be also used for UV parameters measurement:

UVDiazo (range 350-460 nm)
UV (range 250-410 nm)
UV-V (range 395-445 nm)
UV-VIS (range 400-550 nm)
Linear UV power
the power of the UV lamp converted to the unit arc length (W/cm)
   area radiated power (W/m2) – not dependent on exposure duration (conveyor belt speed)
UV energy dose (J/m2) – total amount of energy that hits an area over a period of time. Depends on exposure duration (belt speed).

UV integrators

UV Integrator Type 04

economical device for measuring UV energy

  • suitable for periodical lamp energy measurement
  • economic version
  • different options of the spectral range

Microprocessor UV Integrator

detailed UV energy and intensity measurement with SD card option

  • UV intensity measurement
  • SD card memory
  • many spectral range combination options
  • value evaluation software