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IR Lamps

We sell IR lamps for Aeroterm and other manufacturers machines …

We sale halogen IR lamps and ceramic IR heaters for industrial use. Spare part for Aeroterm and other manufacturers machines. High quality products from European production. Common lamps and heaters for Aeroterm machines on stock. If you need an atypical solution, we will discuss the necessary parameters, dimensions and type of lamp termination and prepare a non-binding offer.

F39M/IRTreplacement IR lamp for F39M Flash Cure units and VARIO IRT tunnels
F18 replacement IR lamp for F18BM Flash Cure units
CbDrreplacement IR lamp for CombiDry dryers

According to specific customer requirements. Please contact us, together we will choose a suitable lamp or design a lamp tailored to your needs.


Optical Pyrometer

Contactless thermometer with laser aiming.

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