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Ultraterm HA(IRHA) Hot Air Conveyor Dryer

Modular solution for drying inks on various materials…

  • high speed, highly turbulent hot air flow
  • PID air temperature control
  • conveyor belt made of durable material
  • adjustable conveyor speed
  • modular design – loading, heating, cooling and unloading sections
  • ideal for automatic presses

Hot-air conveyor dryer designed for the safe drying of solvent-based inks printed on different materials. The dryer consists of a loading section, one or more hot air sections, a cooling section and an unloading section with belt drive. The device works in both hot-air and cooling sections with high-speed, highly turbulent flow, which allows to minimize the size of the dryer and its energy consumption. This concept ensures its high efficiency. Very high accuracy of setting and maintaining the set temperature is guaranteed by the most modern type of PID temperature control with automatic tuning of control parameters. The control system used is characterized by a very fast and accurate rise to the set temperature without overshooting it and a very precise maintenance of the set temperature.

A combination of squirrel cage motor and the frequency invertor for precise velocity control and maintenence-free operation. The belt speed can be changed continuously, actual value in meters per minute is indicated on the display. Highly mechanically resistant Teflon coated fiberglass belt. The printed products are held aerodynamically on the conveyor belt so that there is no risk of damaging them when passing through the drying chamber or at high belt speeds. Fumes extraction system included. Switchboard cabinet with control panel, central STOP button and main switch of the whole device. Noise isolation, top features, simple operation, attractive design. The device is designed and manufactured to comply with the regulations and standards of the EU countries and is equipped with the CE declaration. The equipment is approved by the State Testing Institute and for the safe drying of substances containing explosive and flammable solvents.

– conveyor width up to 3000 mm

– belts of various designs (fabric, glass-fiber, metal, roller and chain conveyors)

– different conveyor speeds

– different lengths and designs of loading and unloading sections

– different composition of drying sections (hot-air, infrared, cooling, possible combination with UV curing sections)

– drying of high materials

– edge drying

– drying of 3D materials

– automatic stackers

– pneumatic lifting of UV dryer covers

– material cooling by compressor cooling units

– folding parts of conveyors


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