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Vario HA Table Tabletop Hot Air Dryer

Tabletop hot air dryer not only for the laboratory use…

  • high speed, highly turbulent flow
  • two-stage temperature control
  • adjustable conveyor speed
  • mechanical and heat resistant belt material
  • fumes extraction
  • over-temperature safety protection
  • 230V power

Tabletop hot air dryer designed primarily for the drying of solvent-based paints in printing. The dryer works with a high-speed, highly turbulent flow, which makes it possible to minimize its size and its energy consumption. Temperature regulation is possible in two stages, the system is not equipped with feedback. The conveyor is equipped with a highly mechanical and heat-resistant Teflon-coated fiberglass mesh belt. The belt speed is adjustable. Exhaustion of fumes, safety protection for switching off the system when the safe temperature is exceeded, high-quality thermal insulation, noise insulation. The design of the dryer complies with all necessary standards and regulations of the EU countries, the equipment is equipped with the CE declaration.

Vario “3” HA 420/14 Table
Belt Width420mm
HA Section Length600mm
Loading Section Length550mm
Unoading Section Length250mm
Overall Length1400mm
Max. HA Section Temperature55°C
Installed Power2,5kW
Electric Supply1 x 230 V

Optical Pyrometer

Contactless thermometer with laser aiming.

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