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HandStar 185/120cf UV Unit

Economical handheld UV unit for versatile use …

  • working width 185 mm
  • lamp docking station
  • linear power 108 W/cm
  • 230V power supply
  • optional accessories available
  • ammeter for lamp current measurement
  • can be bundled with HS Belt S 185/120cf conveyor

Economical handheld UV unit designed for curing UV varnishes, UV paints, UV sealants, etc. on various surfaces and objects. It consists of a handheld UV curing head, a special docking station with cooling and a power source. Connection of individual parts is done by cables. A special ozone-free UV lamp is built into the device. Option to switch UV lamp power in two steps (50/100%). The design of the device complies with all necessary standards and regulations of EU countries, the device is equipped with CE declaration.

HandStar 185/120cf
Irradiated Width [mm]185
UV Lamp Linear Power [W/cm]54/108
Installed Power [kW]2,1
Electric Supply1 x 230V

UV Integrator

Measurement of UV lamp parameters for wear detection and timely replacement.

UV Lamps

Spare UV lamps for Aeroterm and third party machines. High quality, long lifetime.

Protective Equipment

Goggles, shields, gloves and protective suits designed to work with UV radiation.

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