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Flash Cure Units


Fast and efficient flash curing for screen printing carousels. Suitable for water and plastisol inks. Combined with suitable accessories, you can improve workplace comfort with a odor extraction system or get a full-fledged textile dryer. The units work with infrared (IR) radiation and hot air.


flash cure unit that adapts to each carousel press

  • for water-based and plastisol paints
  • adjustable drying head height
  • adjustable area and drying time
  • activation by optical sensor or signal from the printing press
  • the lamps are switched off after curing – energy saving


odor extraction system

  • improves workplace comfort
  • easy installation
  • noise-insulated fan with rubber bushings
  • heat and noise insulated exhaust hoses

FlashTerm Combi Set

FlashTerm flash cure unit conveyor

  • belt conveyor made of durable fabric
  • adjustable conveyor speed
  • Heat Stop System – energy saving during delays
  • belt suction and exhaust extraction