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Ultraterm BlueStar Dryer

Modular dryer for rotary offset machines…

  • different drying technologies (IR, HA, UV)
  • precise PID temperature control of hot air and infrared lamps
  • different types of IR lamps and heaters
  • UV lamp power switchable 0/60/120 W/cm2 or stepless control
  • different types of UV lamps (mercury, gallium, iron …)
  • UV Stop System option for energy saving
  • possibility of cooling the material with compressor units

Dryers and UV dryers designed for drying inks behind rotary printing presses. Drying methods and equipment parameters tailored to a specific technological task.

  • working width up to 3000 mm
  • different drying speed
  • different lengths and designs
  • IR, hot air, UV, cold air and combinations thereof
  • single and double sided drying and UV curing
  • different types of IR lamps and heaters
  • different types of UV curing lamps (mercury, Ga, Fe-doped)
  • different types of focus (parabolic, elliptical reflectors)
  • UV lamps with step power control
  • UV lamps with continuous power control
  • long UV lamps with HV transformers
  • UV Stop System for energy savings
  • pneumatic dryer cover lifting
  • cooling of material with compressor cooling units

UV Integrator

Measurement of UV lamp parameters for wear detection and timely replacement.

UV Lamps

Spare UV lamps for Aeroterm and third party machines. High quality, long lifetime.

Optical Pyrometer

Contactless thermometer with laser aiming.

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