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Aeroterm UVMfg UV Curing Chamber

UV chamber for curing UV varnishes, paints, sealants and adhesives on 3D objects

  • 4 adjustable UV modules
  • product rotation
  • UV lamp fast start option
  • special heat filters to reduce the thermal load on products
  • air-cooled lamp, exhaust air extraction
  • adjustable exposure time and rotation speed

Special UV curing equipment designed for curing UV varnishes, UV paints, UV sealants and UV glues applied to three-dimensional panels. It is a stationary chamber, which contains a holder for storing the the product and also 4 pieces of adjustable UV modules with UV radiation sources. After opening the chamber door, the operator puts the product into the holder, checks or corrects the position of the 4 UV modules inside the chamber, closes the door, sets the exposure time on the control panel and starts the curing process. The product then begins to rotate about the vertical axis to begin UV curing. After the set lamp exposure time has elapsed, the chamber door can be opened and the product replaced.

Each of the four UV modules is equipped with a UV lamp, a reflector, a heat filter and a set of suction hoses. Reflective mirrors are made of special, high quality material with increased reflectivity in UV range. Separate fastening for each UV module allows to adapt the curing conditions to different shapes of objects. The control panel allows to monitor the UV chamber operating mode, adjust exposure time, select individual UV modules, and monitor the UV lamp working hours to evaluate their wear.

Extraction of ozone-air generated by the work of UV sources. Exhaust fan is noise insulated. The equipment uses high quality components from world-renowned producers. Quality noise insulation, top-class functionality, simple operation. The device is designed and manufactured to comply with the regulations and standards of EU countries and is equipped with the CE declaration.

The UV chamber can be customized to specific customer requirements.

According to customers needs.


UV Integrator

Measurement of UV lamp parameters for wear detection and timely replacement.

UV Lamps

Spare UV lamps for Aeroterm and third party machines. High quality, long lifetime.

Ozone Filter

Filtration of ozone air from the exhaust of UV equipment. Help with heating in the winter months.

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