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Aeroterm UV Vario 5 Dryer

Special UV dryer for curing of profiled parts …

  • designed for profiles
  • easy adjustment to current shape
  • 4 adjustable UV modules
  • UV module heat filters
  • step UV power regulation
  • adjustable conveyor speed
  • UV Stop system option

Special UV tunnel designed for curing profiles and narrow sections from 3 sides. Two-chamber machine arrangement with two UV modules in each chamber. Adjustable UV modules are equipped with heat filters. The first two UV modules are designed to cure the sides of the profiles and are therefore vertical in the default position. Another pair is used to cure the top sides of the profile.

The design and layout of each UV module gives enough UV energy along its entire length while significantly suppressing the heat affecting the workpieces. The reflectors used in the UV lamps are made of a special material with increased UV reflectivity. Each UV lamp can be switched on separately and operated in two power levels (50/100%). Using UV lamps in modules with heat filters separates the hot lamp environment from the working space. This brings in particular a significant decrease in the temperature of the processed material, increased safety and improved cooling and cleanliness of UV lamps and their mirrors. This solution allows the cooling air to be supplied from a clean, dust-free environment outside the UV chamber. Suction filters can be used to further improve dust protection of the working area. The working mode of the UV lamps can be set on the control panel. It also shows actual current and operating hours (to monitor the UV lamp wear, replacement after approx. 1000 operating hours) of each lamp.

Belt conveyor for material transport. The conveyor speed is adjustable. The mechanical and temperature-resistant conveyor belt is made of Teflon-coated glass fibers. A combination of squirrel cage motor and the frequency invertor for precise velocity control and maintenence-free operation. The belt speed can be changed continuously, actual value in meters per minute is indicated on the display. Safety protection for shutting down the system when the vacuum required for exhaust is reduced. All active parts are produced by world leading manufacturers. High-quality thermal insulation, noise insulation, exhaust extraction. Top features, simple operation, attractive design. The tunnel is designed and manufactured to comply with EU regulations and standards in terms of construction, operation and operator safety and is equipped with the CE declaration.

Parameters/TypeUV Vario 5
Belt Width [mm]250
Max. Product Height [mm]100
Belt Speed [m/min]14 – 90
UV Sections Length [mm]1 500
Total Length [mm]2 500
Total Width [mm]1 100
Total Height [mm]1 350
UV Lamp Rows2
UV Lamps in One Row2
Max. Lamp Irradiated Width [mm]380
UV Lamp Linear Power [W/cm]60/120
Installed Power [kW]20,3
Electric Supply3 N PE 400 V

UV Integrator

Measurement of UV lamp parameters for wear detection and timely replacement.

UV Lamps

Spare UV lamps for Aeroterm and third party machines. High quality, long lifetime.

UV Stop System

Automatic UV lamp power control according to product presence. Significant energy savings.

Ozone Filter

Filtration of ozone air from the exhaust of UV equipment. Help with heating in the winter months.

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