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Ultraterm UV Dryer

Modular UV dryer with customized parameters…

  • 1 and more UV lamp rows
  • irradiated width up to 3000mm
  • lamp power switchable to 0/60/120 W/cm2 or stepless control
  • special heat filters for reducing thermal load on products
  • air-cooled lamps, ozone air extraction
  • UV Stop System energy saving option
  • cooling of products

Modular construction and customized parameters. UV dryers designed for curing UV inks and UV varnishes. They usually consist of a loading section, a UV / cooling section with a built-in UV system with heat filters and an exit section with conveyor drive. The concept of the UV system significantly suppresses the thermal influence of the cured material, so that the tunnel is also suitable for the processing of thermally sensitive materials. Product thermal load is significantly reduced using heat filters on each UV module, air cooling bars between UV lamp rows and a final cooling section.

The UV lamps used are equipped with reflectors made of a special material with increased UV reflectivity. Final high pressure end cooling is built into the UV curing section. In the cooling section, the device operates with a high-speed, highly turbulent flow, which makes it possible to minimize the size of the section and its energy consumption. The control panel of the UV system is equipped as standard with ammeters for monitoring the working point of the UV lamps and also with operating hours counters for monitoring the UV lamp wear. The conveyor is driven by a brushless, maintenance-free motor controlled by a frequency inverter. The conveyor speed is displayed on the control panel display.

Ozone extraction, good thermal insulation. Safety protection for shutting down the system when the vacuum required for ozone air extraction and when the cover of the dryer is opened. The equipment is designed and manufactured to comply with EU regulations and standards in terms of construction, operation and operator safety and is equipped with a CE declaration.

– irradiation width up to 3000 mm

– conveyor width up to 3000 mm

– belts of various designs (fabric, glass-fiber, metal, roller and chain conveyors)

– different conveyor speeds

– different lengths and designs of loading and unloading sections

– different types of UV curing lamps (mercury, doped Ga, Fe)

– different types of focus (parabolic, elliptical reflectors)

– optional height adjustment of the UV system above the conveyor

– curing of high materials

– curing of edges

– curing of 3D materials

– UV lamps with step power switching

– UV lamps with stepless power control

– long UV lamps with HV transformers

– UV Stop System energy saving option

– automatic stackers

– pneumatic lifting of UV dryer covers

– material cooling by compressor cooling units

– tilting conveyor parts


UV Integrator

Measurement of UV lamp parameters for wear detection and timely replacement.

UV Lamps

Spare UV lamps for Aeroterm and third party machines. High quality, long lifetime.

UV Stop System

Automatic UV lamp power control according to product presence. Significant energy savings.

Ozone Filter

Filtration of ozone air from the exhaust of UV equipment. Help with heating in the winter months.

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